Tomi Lahren called out the mainstream media for wild speculation about Melania Trump's whereabouts after the first lady spent several weeks out of the public eye.

Some media outlets painted the first lady as “missing in action” since she underwent a kidney procedure last month.

And Rolling Stone senior writer Jamil Smith even floated a conspiracy theory on Twitter, suggesting that her public absence "could be about concealing abuse" by her husband.

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On "Fox & Friends," Lahren said the media is losing credibility because they engage unsubstantiated speculation like Smith's "ridiculous" tweet.

"With no sources, no facts, just to speculate on that, that's the reason the American public does not trust the mainstream media, does not trust journalists," Lahren said Wednesday.

She said it's one thing to be anti-Trump, but it's quite another to suggest that the first lady may be the victim of spousal abuse

"I hope the American people are looking at this and watching it as a further example of, again, Trump derangement syndrome."

The whispers came a month after a CBS Radio reporter asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders about unfounded rumors that the first lady does not live in the White House.

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