The panel on The Five reacted Wednesday to media speculation about the long absence of First Lady Melania Trump from the public eye.

CNN reporter Brian Stelter aired a calendar graphic showing it had been since May 10 -- around the time she underwent a kidney procedure -- that she was last seen in public. The first lady appeared at a White House event for Gold Star families this past Monday.

President Donald Trump ripped the press for being "so unfair and vicious to my wife" and said he had seen reports that she had been abused or that she left to Virginia.

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"The media is totally out of line with this," Kimberly Guilfoyle said. "The fact [the president] stood up for her... it's good to stick up for his wife."

"What is wrong with everybody?" Guilfoyle asked.

Jesse Watters and Juan Williams debated whether coverage of Ms. Trump's health was acceptable, citing the fact Hillary Clinton's health had been questioned during the campaign.


Clinton notably appeared to faint at a September 11, 2016 ceremony at the World Trade Center site.

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