Tucker Carlson ripped the mainstream media and late-night comics who floated "conspiracy theories" about First Lady Melania Trump's extended absence from the public eye.

Carlson said Trump, 48, underwent a kidney operation at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. after last being seen in public on May 10.

He said CNN media reporter Brian Stelter made much hay out of the fact it's now June and Trump had not been seen.

Stelter said President Donald Trump has been "quiet about" his wife's "invisibility."

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"This isn't reporting, it's a passive aggressive attack," Carlson said, adding that another conspiracy theory reportedly linked Ms. Trump's absence to the Kremlin.

He said CBS late night host Stephen Colbert was out of line when the comic joked that it "took that Shawshank [Redemption] guy years to tunnel out" -- apparently questioning whether the first lady wishes to escape her husband.

Carlson said a writer named Jamil Smith also asked whether Ms. Trump's absence was a way of concealing physical abuse, apparently at the hands of the president.

"Imagine hating Melania Trump," Carlson said. "She's not an overbearing public figure... [critics think] she's Trump therefore she's guilty."

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