Eagles fan and Philadelphia native Jesse Watters said both President Trump and his hometown team are "winners," despite the two being at odds over a White House visit.

Watters said Trump beat "Crooked Hillary" and the Eagles beat the New England Patriots in the most recent Super Bowl.

However, Watters said it was a "tough" call as to whom he should support in the controversy. He said he ultimately chose to side with Trump.

"The Eagles tried a trick play, Trump sniffed it out and snuffed it out," Watters said.

He said the South Philly franchise initially sent the White House a long tally of players and staff who would attend Tuesday's event.

Days before the event was to happen, the Eagles reportedly reduced the number of attendees to a few players, coaches and Swoop the mascot. The team also reportedly tried to change the date to one when Trump is scheduled to be in Singapore with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Watters ripped Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney (D), who went on cable news and blasted Trump as a "fragile egomaniac."

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"He's just a scary guy," Kenney said, adding that Trump is "not a true patriot" and may "annihilate North Korea."

"He doesn't speak for the Philadelphia Eagles... He sounds like Joy Behar," Watters said of Kenney.

Pennsylvania Democratic Sen. Robert Casey Jr. also criticized Trump, saying he would "skip this publicity stunt at the White House" and instead invited the team to visit him on Capitol Hill.

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