Tucker Carlson spoke with model and actress Pamela Anderson about her friendship with Russian leader Vladimir Putin and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Anderson said she first met Assange through her friend, British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood.

"[Westwood] knew I would love his cause and I'd be great to meet him," Anderson said, calling Assange "a great testament to the human spirit" in light of his current situation.


Anderson said Assange, who has sought asylum in the U.K.'s Ecuadorian embassy from assault accusations in Sweden, has been stripped of his internet access among other things.

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Carlson asked why Anderson's colleagues in Hollywood are not similarly drawn to Assange's cause.

"They are big Clinton supporters... people misunderstood his intention was not to get Trump elected, it was to give true information about people..."

She said she is also friendly with Putin and has lobbied the Kremlin on environmental issues, including curbing the seal trade.

Anderson said she recently visited Vladivostok, Russia, a port city near the North Korean border, where she spoke about the "green economy."

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