Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett said word of a possible immunity deal for former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe "puts James Comey on the hot seat."

"McCabe is in legal jeopardy, we know that," Jarrett said.

Jarrett said that if McCabe "sings like a canary" regarding the Clinton email scandal and alleged shady activity when it comes to probing the Trump campaign, Comey is in trouble.

He said McCabe would then likely tell investigators how Comey allegedly "usurped the power of the attorney general" and gave false testimony to Congress four times by Jarrett's count.

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"That's four separate crimes," he said of the possible perjury charges.

He said McCabe could also describe how Comey allegedly "cleared" Hillary Clinton "for political reasons" in the investigation of her alleged mishandling of classified information.

Jarrett said that, for his new book, he spoke to several former FBI officials who "in unison condemned James Comey."

He and Sean Hannity said there is a "concern" that the DOJ may get to "sanitize" the inspector general's report on the Clinton matter, and worried that it may be "dumped" just as President Donald Trump arrives in Singapore for talks with North Korean leaders -- a move they said would stifle coverage of the report.

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