The University of Michigan currently employs nearly 100 full-time members of its diversity staff, according to economics professor and American Enterprise Institute scholar Mark J. Perry.

"A preliminary investigation of UM’s salary database and various university websites reveals a small army of diversity, equity, and inclusion bureaucrats," Perry wrote on the American Enterprise Institute website.

He calculated that the annual salaries of the 93 "diversicrats" total $8.4 million, and the number tops $11 million when factoring in the university's fringe benefit package.

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On "Varney & Co.," Charlie Kirk said university diversity programs focus mostly on racial and ethnic minorities, while overlooking the ideological minority: conservatives.

"As tuition keeps going up and the value of an education goes down, we have to ask the question: Wait a second, are we funding our students' education, our kids' future, or are we funding these social justice experiments and this cultural Marxist atmosphere?" Kirk said.

He said that college campuses have become a place where the goal is to have everyone look different but think the same.

"Their idea of diversity is different skin color, not different thoughts," Kirk said. "If these diversity officers were actually saying, 'How do we get conservative viewpoints or free market or pro-American ideas in classrooms?' I would be more OK with it. But 100 people dedicated to racial and ethnic diversity? It's shocking to me."

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