In a "Daily Briefing" online exclusive on Monday, bestselling author James Patterson discussed a new book on which he and President Bill Clinton collaborated.

"The President Is Missing" hits bookshelves Monday, Dana Perino said.

Perino asked what it was like to work with the former president on a book like this.

Patterson, whose previous works have sold over 300 million copies, said Clinton is a "big reader" of mystery novels.

"You can't get any more authoritative than this," he said of Clinton's insight into the presidency while writing the book.

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Patterson said the crux of the book is the "most destructive plot" that he has written, adding that "it's not the usual kind of thriller."

"What happens in this book could happen," Patterson said, noting that the book involves a cyberterrorism plot against the United States.

He said that in real life, America is "underprepared" for a cyberterrorist attack, adding that defense budget increases by and large did not go toward cyberdefense.

"We really are defenseless against what happens in this book," he said.

Perino also asked about whether the presidential character in the book is based on or similar to Clinton himself.

Patterson said Clinton may think the character is closer to him than he does, noting that the character is from the South.

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