Harris Faulkner and Rep. David Cicilline engaged in a debate Monday about the continuation of Robert Mueller's Russia probe.

Cicilline (D-R.I.) said that the special counsel needs to "complete his work" and that Democrats have tried to protect the integrity of his investigation.

"Mr. Mueller should be protected so he can finish his job and tell us where the facts lead us," he said.

He added that Trump's White House is "consumed" with the Russia probe.

Faulkner responded that evidence has yet to be found of any type of collusion.

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"I would say that everyone on the Hill has been focused [on the Mueller probe]. You can multi-task and still get infrastructure done," she said.

"You can multi-task and still be part of the North Korea and the health care discussion," she added.

Cicilline said that President Trump is "so distracted" with "chaos and corruption" within his administration.

"Look at the president's Twitter," he said. "All he's talking about is the Russia investigation."

He also said the president is focused on "undermining the Department of Justice" and "attacking the FBI."

Watch the heated exchange on "Outnumbered" above.

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