Many pundits are predicting a "blue wave" in this November's midterms, with Democrats possibly gaining a majority in the House and the Senate.

Those predictions, however, might be a little premature, according to Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich, a Fox News contributor and author of the new book "Trump's America," thinks that President Trump's successes -- particularly on the economy -- could help Republicans maintain a majority in the House and Senate.

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"I actually believe we are closer to a 'red wave' than a 'blue wave,'" Gingrich said on "Sunday Morning Futures," acknowledging that he was concerned several months ago when polls showed Democrats with a significant lead in the generic ballot.

"But starting with passing the tax cuts, with what President Trump has done consistently on conservative judges, on deregulation, on trade negotiations, what he's done with North Korea, I think people now have a sense that we're moving in the right direction," Gingrich said.

He said he does not think that Democrats have any hope of winning the Senate, and Republicans are in a good position to actually gain seats, particularly in New Jersey and Florida.

"We're likely to end up being somewhere between plus-2 and plus-6 in the Senate. How can you talk about a 'blue wave' if we're gaining votes?” Gingrich said.

As for the House, Gingrich said Republicans could do "surprisingly well" if they run on the economy and communicate that the GOP is the party of economic growth.

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