A Chelmsford, Massachusetts, business is pushing back after the town's building department issued an order instructing its employees to remove the "excessive" American flags they have on display.

Laer Realty employees had placed 200 flags in front of their building to honor America's veterans for Memorial Day.

After the town slapped the business with a violation, citing a town bylaw that says flags cannot be used for "commercial promotion," employees fought back by adding more flags to the display, upping the number to approximately 500.

Jon Crandall, an employee who helped place the flags, said he and his colleagues usually leave the flags up from Memorial Day through the Fourth of July, but this is the first year they received a complaint.

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"It was beautiful, but it certainly was not excessive. I don't think you could have 2,000 out there and it would look excessive," Crandall said on "Fox & Friends" on Sunday.

Laer Realty CEO Stacey Alcorn said when she learned that the city wanted them to reduce the number of flags to a "reasonable amount," she decided to "dig our heels in."

"This had nothing to do with our business. It was us as a community just honoring our veterans and those who serve for us," Alcorn said.

She said the display has "grown significantly" in recent days, not just because the business bought and placed more flags, but because community members are adding flags themselves.

"Whether they fine or don't fine us, those flags are staying up, at least through Flag Day and the Fourth of July," Alcorn said.

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