Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos -- the richest man in the world -- has ambitions of humans returning to the moon and setting up a permanent colony.

Speaking at the International Space Development Conference in Los Angeles last weekend, Bezos said he wants to have his rocket company, Blue Origin, work with NASA and the European Space Agency to make the moon a center for heavy industry.

“The Earth is not a very good place to do heavy industry. It’s convenient for us right now,” Bezos said, according to Geek Wire. “But in the not-too-distant future — I’m talking decades, maybe 100 years — it’ll start to be easier to do a lot of the things that we currently do on Earth in space, because we’ll have so much energy.”

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"We will have to leave this planet. We’re going to leave it, and it’s going to make this planet better.”

If Bezos wants to set up a colony on the moon, he's going to need to attract people with a "tourism promo," Greg Gutfeld said on his show Saturday night.

Luckily, "The Greg Gutfeld Show" has one prepared for him...

Watch the hilarious fake ad above, plus more reaction to Bezos' "moon base" from Gutfeld and Co.

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