On his program Friday night, Tucker Carlson laid out how the left uses racial conflict to "divide and conquer."

He pointed out that many of the big stories in the news revolve around questions of race, such as Roseanne Barr's racist tweet and show cancellation, Starbucks' anti-bias training for employees and even a reparations happy hour at a bar in Portland, Oregon.

"More and more, it feels like racial division is the subtext of virtually everything in this country," Carlson said. "Even topics that seem unrelated to ethnicity are suddenly racially fraught."

He said the effect of that is a deeply angry, divided and terrified nation, which is by design.

"They push racial conflict on us constantly. They never stop. The media does it, the people in charge do it," Carlson said.

He said they do so because it's an effective strategy: "divide and conquer."

"It's a lot easier to run a country for your own benefit when the population is distracted by tribalism, as ours now is. They do it on purpose."

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