Would you rather date an MS-13 gang member or someone who supports President Donald Trump?

That's what Daily Caller reporters Stephanie Hamill and Julia Nista asked young people on the streets of Washington, D.C.

Stunningly, a majority of respondents said they would rather date a member of the brutal gang, which operates by the motto "kill, rape, control."

When asked why they wouldn’t date a Trump supporter, people said those who back the president "weren't for them" and they would "never" do it.

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While some respondents said they would rather stay single than choose either, some said they would pick a Trump supporter.

“At least they stand for something," one woman said.

On "Fox & Friends," conservative activist Candace Owens said she's not surprised that a majority of millennials selected a gang member over a Trump supporter.

"We confront this all the time on college campuses," Owens said. "There is a departure from reality that is going on."

She argued there's a "mass brain washing" occurring due to the left's rhetoric and the media that perpetuates it.

See more reaction from Owens above, and check out the full Daily Caller video below.

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