A former Nashville, Tenn. police officer reacted Friday to the most recent count of 28 law enforcement officer deaths so far in 2018.

Vincent Hill said on "Fox & Friends" that it seems to be a "sign of the times" and that the media has made it "fashionable" to oppose police.

Ainsley Earhardt reported that four deputies have been killed by gunfire in South Carolina alone in recent days.

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Hill said people like to "point the finger" at President Donald Trump for the tense relationship some have with cops, but reiterated that he sees the media to be more at fault.

"The mainstream media plays a big role in making the police look like the enemy," he said of recent news coverage.

"Who's kneeling [in support of] these officers? Who's protesting for these officers?" he asked.

He said that police "get no respect" yet put their lives on the line for the community daily.

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