Two friends of one of the victims of the February shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. said they will be honoring her at graduation this weekend.

Senior Nikki Miciotta said she was in law class when the fire alarm went off on February 14.

She called the day a "bad dream" she wanted to wake up from.

Miciotta and senior Carley Ogozaly said they will be honoring Meadow Pollack during graduation by affixing pictures of her to their caps.

"[I'll] make sure that she is walking that stage with me," Ogozaly said.

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"She can walk the stage with us," Miciotta added.

Ogozaly said Pollack would be telling her friends to "keep going" and live their lives in the face of the tragedy.

Pollack's father Andrew told Martha MacCallum that he is angry at the "incompetence" that he said continues to be shown by local officials.

He mentioned how paramedics were reportedly held back from entering the school by sheriff's deputies.

Pollack said part of the reason deputies held them back was the fact the deputy assigned to the school never went into the building to engage the shooter so therefore did not know if the shooting was still "active" at that point in time.

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