Life, Liberty & Levin host Mark Levin ripped former President Obama after the 44th president's former top aide claimed the country was not ready for his presidency.

In newly-released excerpts from his new book, former top Obama adviser Ben Rhodes revealed Obama's reactions after Trump's surprising victory over Hillary Clinton.

“What if we were wrong?" Obama is said to have asked, wondering whether he was "10 or 20 years too early" and whether "people just want to fall back into their tribe."

Reacting Friday on "Fox & Friends," Levin said the country was "never been ready for Obama"

He pointed out that Obama once said in 2008 that he wanted to "fundamentally transform America."

"It means you don't love your country," Levin said. "When you love your wife, you don't say 'I want to fundamentally transform you'."

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Levin also blasted Obama for calling Trump a cartoon: "I'll take a cartoon over a leftist any day of the week."

The Cheltenham, Pa. native praised Trump for pardoning filmmaker and author Dinesh D'Souza, who served time in a halfway house for illegally bundling campaign contributions to former New York Senate candidate Wendy Long (R-New York City).

He ripped then-U.S. Attorney for Southern New York Preet Bharara as a "radical left-wing Democrat" and "Comey buddy" who sought a vendetta against ideological opponents like D'Souza.

Levin said campaign finance violations do not warrant time in prison, and D'Souza has claimed he is the first to face more than a fine for similar actions.

D'Souza took to Twitter declaring "Karma Is A B***h" after being pardoned by Trump, ripping Bharara for trying to advance his career by putting D'Souza behind bars.

"Then he got fired and I got pardoned," D'Souza, producer of "2012: Obama's America," wrote. Watch D'Souza's appearance on "Fox & Friends."

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