Trish Regan questioned whether TBS will take action after late night host Samantha Bee called White House adviser Ivanka Trump a "feckless c---." 

The "Fox Business Network" anchor said that Bee's network, TBS, should perhaps "take a page from ABC's book" following Roseanne Barr's prompt firing over her racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett.

Barr's hit sitcom was cancelled Tuesday after she insulted the personal appearance of Jarrett, a former top Obama White House aide.

Bee made the remark about President Trump's daughter on her program Wednesday night, and apologized Thursday afternoon.

Regan said that soon after Bee's apology, TBS issued its own statement saying she "took the right action" and that "those words [about Trump] should not have aired."

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"It was our mistake too. We regret it," TBS said.

Regan said that there is a double standard between what happened to Barr and what did not happen to Bee.

"Somehow it's OK for Samantha Bee to say this horrible thing about Ivanka Trump... and TBS says 'oops, we're sorry'?" Regan asked.

Regan pointed out Bee's show is taped and therefore the vile remark was screened by multiple producers and TBS employees and yet still made it on the air.

"There should be some standards on both sides," Regan said.

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