Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy reacted to comedian Samantha Bee's vile comment about Ivanka Trump.

Campos-Duffy said there is a double standard when it comes to obscene remarks from people on the right versus people on the left.

She said that if such comments were made about Sasha or Malia Obama, Chelsea Clinton or other first daughters, there would be mass rebuke from all sides.

Campos-Duffy said that the left doesn't care about racism or sexism. She added that the left views minorities and women who identify with the right as "traitors."

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"Racism and sexism are tools for power in politics to [the left]. They want to use it as a hammer to get us to agree or acquiesce to their political claims," Campos-Duffy said.

However, Georgia State Rep. Erica Thomas (D) said the claim that liberals use those tactics is a "blatant lie."

She said the comments made by Bee are similar to those made by President Donald Trump on a leaked videotape where he referenced "grabbing" female private parts.

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