A church in Oakland, California, is urging its members never to call the police again.

Church leader Nichola Torbett said the First Congregational Church of Oakland, which is part of the United Church of Christ denomination, will never call the cops again in nearly every circumstance, and dozens of members of the congregation agreed to do the same.

“We can no longer tolerate the trauma inflicted on our communities by policing,” Torbett said last month in front of churchgoers holding photos of African-Americans killed by law enforcement.

“How do police help? They often don’t,” Torbett later said in an interview. “So, especially as white people, why call them?”

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According to the Los Angeles Times, there is a small but growing movement to "divest" from police among liberal houses of worship. 

On his program on Wednesday, Tucker Carlson said not calling the police even when you're in danger is a "suicidal impulse."

"There are a lot of sins that we have collectively committed as a society, as a civilization, obviously," Carlson said. "But I sort of wonder: Can we continue if those sins so shake our faith in ourselves that we refuse to defend ourselves?"

A police shooting of an unarmed black man in his own backyard in Sacramento, California, made national headlines in March. Stephon Clark, 22, was confronted by police officers who responded to a vandalism call and mistook his cell phone for a gun. 

See more reaction from Pastor Dimas Salaberrios on "Fox & Friends" below.

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