A former NFL player is suing Michigan State University, alleging that a false sexual assault allegation ruined his pro career.

Keith Mumphery, a fifth-round pick by the Houston Texans in 2015, was never charged with a crime after a female student accused him of sexual assault in March of that year.

The woman claimed she was too drunk to consent to having sex with Mumphery. But Mumphery said Wednesday on "The Story" that his accuser, whom he met on Tinder, was not drunk and the two did not even have sex. 

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He said their encounter in her dorm room "went south" and he left after she objected to him wanting to use a condom. The next day the woman filed a claim with campus police, but the county prosecutor declined to file charges and Mumphery was found not to have violated the school's sexual misconduct policy after a months-long investigation. 

Since double jeopardy law does not apply in Title IX investigations, the case was later reopened after the woman appealed.

Mumphery was subsequently found responsible for sexual misconduct by the university in March 2017. He was then cut by the Texans and could not get a tryout with other teams after reports of the incident surfaced.

Mumphery said he was "crushed" when he learned of the university's findings and was ejected from a local golf tournament he had returned to play in. 

The federal lawsuit says the university took action against Mumphery to "appease" the student and that there were "numerous inconsistencies" about the incident.

"He's been the victim of a terrible injustice," attorney Andrew Miltenberg told Martha MacCallum.

"He overcame such tremendous hardship in his life and made it to the pinnacle of his dreams, all to have it ripped away years after he left the school by allegations that he was found not responsible for previously," he added, calling for NFL teams to "welcome him back" and give him another chance.

Miltenberg believes the university made an example of Mumphery because of the high-profile sexual assault case involving sports doctor Larry Nassar

The school agreed to pay $500 million to settle claims from more than 300 women and girls who said they were assaulted by Nassar and accused the school of ignoring complaints about his behavior for decades.

Watch the exclusive interview above. 

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