The panel on The Five reacted to comedian Samantha Bee's vile remarks directed at First Daughter Ivanka Trump.

Bee called Trump the "c-word" in a segment about her father's White House.

Geraldo Rivera said that the c-word is the "gender equivalent" of the n-word.

Jesse Watters said that, usually when someone like Bee says something nasty, she will put out a statement and her employer will "move on."

He said Bee may have been making a publicity ploy, alleging that her "ratings aren't good" and that she is not a "talented comedian" like Jon Stewart.

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He said Bee appears to think the "only way" to regain notoriety is by "being filthy" in her comedy.

"They save the worst for the women," he said, adding that the Fox News Brainroom provided him with a list of remarks unsuitable for air that Bee previously directed at Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump and Sarah Sanders.

He said there may be a common thought that "more license" for "liberal feminists" like Bee to attack other women.

"[It's] adult mean-girls all the time," Jedediah Bila added.

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