A U.S. citizen appeared on CNN on Tuesday to defend the Trump administration's decision to deport her husband.

Cindy Garcia spoke to anchor Brooke Baldwin candidly about her husband's current life in Mexico and the next steps in his case.

Jorge Garcia was escorted by immigration agents through the security gates at Detroit Metropolitan Airport in January and deported to Mexico after he spent nearly three decades living in Michigan and raising a family.

Although she wants to see changes to U.S. immigration laws, Garcia said she is not angry with immigration officials for following the current laws.

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"I am not upset at our government due to the fact that I am a U.S. citizen and that our laws come first," Garcia said. "Our laws are just broken and need to be fixed, but I can't be mad at Trump for doing his job, because that is his job to protect us, as U.S. citizens, from criminals."

She said that "broken" immigration laws need to be fixed, so non-criminals like her husband aren't the individuals targeted for deportation.

"For the criminals that have come here illegally, they need to go back," Garcia said.

On "Fox & Friends," Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren said this is a reminder that border security is important to legal immigrants and even family members of illegal immigrants.

"There's a reason people come over to this country and they want to live the American dream," Lahren said. "It's not just for the opportunities that we have, but it's for the safety that we promise our citizens."

Lahren said Garcia is right that immigration laws must be reformed, because it's heart-breaking to see families broken up.

"But the fact that she appreciates our country and our rule of law speaks a lot to the character of this person."

See more from Lahren above and watch the CNN interview below.

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