Tucker Carlson said recently unearthed posts from MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid's now-defunct blog paint a more Trumpian picture of the far-left commentator.

Carlson said the posts make the blogger "look like a prophet calling for America First policies."

One post described how migrant workers and illegal immigrants should not be employed to rebuild New Orleans after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

The post said "American citizens evacuated from there" should be the ones paid to rebuild their own city.

In another post, Reid ripped former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean -- then a Democratic presidential candidate -- for insulting Christians and white people.

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Another post praised conservative future Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs, calling his program "required viewing" in her household.

"You'd never guess" who wrote those, Carlson said. "It seems like the author of what I just read is Joy Reid, the totally dogmatic, race-baiting MSNBC weekend host."

Carlson said Reid may respond to his reporting of the posts by claiming hackers or Russian President Vladimir Putin retroactively published the blogs.

He said that if Reid espoused the same views today, "MSNBC would fire her right away."

He said his team repeatedly tried to contact Reid's representatives as well as MSNBC but received no comment.

Carlson said it may be beyond belief that there was a "time before the revolution currently in progress where she was actually smart and reasonable."

Meantime, NBC News is facing questions about a Buzzfeed report on separate blog posts in which Reid appeared to encourage readers to watch a video alleging the 9/11 attacks were a government conspiracy.  

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