The panel on The Five reacted to MSNBC host Chris Matthews saying that all Republicans are "programmed a certain way."

Matthews said that all members of the GOP "read the Wall Street Journal, play golf and talk about pro sports."

"They all behave basically the same," Matthews said. "[They must] believe everything on the [WSJ] op-ed page."

Greg Gutfeld remarked that he doesn't fit the "stereotype" forwarded by Matthews.

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He said he doesn't play golf, he doesn't own khaki pants and instead enjoys death metal and punk music and has a libertarian view on some drugs.

Geraldo Rivera said he too is a Republican and does not fit Matthews' description either. He said he enjoys tennis more than golf.

"When you start stereotyping, that's [a] problem," he said.

Kimberly Guilfoyle joked that there "must be something in the air conditioning" at Rockefeller Center that causes Matthews and his fellow hosts to make such "crazy" remarks.

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