In her Angle commentary, Laura Ingraham ripped the mainstream media for "trying to create a narrative" on illegal immigration that doesn't exist.

Ingraham said several reporters, including CNN's Hadas Gold, shared a photo of unaccompanied alien minors being held in cages by immigration authorities.

However, Ingraham said Gold had to delete her tweet when it was discovered the photo in question was from 2014 when the Obama administration was in charge.

"You wrote that they were the 'first photos'," Ingraham said. "[They're] four years old."

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She also criticized reporting on illegal immigrant children allegedly "lost" by the Trump administration.

"How can you separate them... when the parents sent them here alone?" Ingraham asked, noting that many of the more than 1,400 in question were given "sponsors" here in the United States.

She said federal officials have not been able to reach those "sponsors," so the children affected may not be "lost."

To those critics who say Trump is too tough on illegal immigrants, Ingraham played video of Obama-era DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson.

"We will send you back," Johnson said, addressing illegal immigrants in a speech in Eddy County, N.M. in July 2014.

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