Greg Gutfeld reacted to several mistakes the mainstream media made while trying to cast President Donald Trump in a negative light.

Gutfeld said an image of a bus with its bench seats replaced by children's car seats was dubbed a "prison bus just for babies."

The image turned out to be a recycled picture from 2014 to show a vehicle that immigration authorities used to take illegal immigrant minors on field trips, officials said.

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In another instance some outlets reported that hundreds of illegal immigrant minors had been separated from their parents and that the government "lost track" of them.

Gutfeld said that instead, many of those children arrived alone, and that the statistic says more about the broken immigration system that Trump wants to fix than about the president himself.

"They accuse Trump of spreading baloney but can't check a date on a photo," Gutfeld said.

"Fake news is no longer a catchphrase. It's a brand," he said.

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