Former Vice President Joe Biden ripped President Donald Trump and the Republican Party in a speech endorsing New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D) for his third term in Albany.

At the New York State Democratic Party convention in Hempstead, Biden told the crowd that the party Trump leads is "not your father's Republican Party."

"They are not who we are. They are not who America is," Biden said, claiming that the GOP is sending a "distorted" vision of America "around the world."

"That is hurting us," he said. "[With] this phony populism [and] fake nationalism [it's] time to say 'no more'."

In his own remarks, Cuomo said the Empire State is "the alternative state to Trump's America."

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Cuomo has repeatedly clashed with his fellow New York City native, calling on the president to deport him and calling himself an immigrant in solidarity with the illegal immigrants subject to ICE detention.

Cuomo's grandfather, Andrea Cuomo, was an immigrant from Italy who settled in Queens.

In addition to Biden, Hillary Clinton also endorsed Cuomo -- who served as President Clinton's Housing and Urban Development secretary -- over progressive actress Cynthia Nixon.

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