Tucker Carlson on Thursday challenged former Hillary Clinton adviser Richard Goodstein on the "insane" claim that Russians not only affected the outcome of the 2016 election, but they decided it.

“To me, it just exceeds logic and credulity that they didn’t affect the election, and it’s my belief they actually turned it,” former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said earlier this week.

Carlson said Democrats are sticking to that narrative to explain Clinton's stunning loss to Donald Trump, and they're suggesting Russia will affect the 2018 midterms so they have an excuse when November’s elections don't go well for them.

"If that's true, why shouldn't we be taking steps right now to protect ourselves? Why shouldn't we do a forensic search of all voter rolls to make sure that no foreign citizens are registered to vote, Russian agents for example?" Carlson asked.

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He said Democrats don't want that because they like loose voting rules, since they benefit from voter fraud.

Goodstein said Russian election meddling was not all about illegal votes, but changing people's opinions through propaganda on social media.

"I think we should make sure that only Americans are voting, as we should make sure it's only Americans who are trying to influence campaigns, not Russians, not all these people that Don Trump Jr. met with," Goodstein said.

Carlson pressed Goodstein if he would be in favor of examining every voter roll in every state to make sure that every person on those rolls is currently an American citizen.

"What I find hilarious is when Democrats pretend to care about the integrity of elections. All they care about is power -- you know that - and whether their candidates win," Carlson said. "That's the sum total of what they care about."

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