In the wake of the NFL's announcement that it has adopted a policy of fining teams and personnel who do not “stand and show respect for the flag and the anthem," dozens of protesters gathered outside the league's New York headquarters.

Friday's demonstration was reportedly organized by the NAACP, the Justice League of New York City, the National Action Network and the Women’s March.

Protesters carried signs and chanted as they defended athletes' "right to kneel." Some people wore clothing or jerseys featuring Colin Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who began the trend of not standing for the anthem during the 2016 NFL season to protest racial injustice and police brutality.

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Radio host Kevin Jackson said it came to this because of league's politically correct response when players and teams first began protesting the anthem.

"[NFL Commissioner] Roger Goodell could have done something when it first happened that would have put an end to this, would have squashed it at its infancy. But now it's metastasized, and who knows what's going to happen now," Jackson said on "Your World" on Friday.

Host Neil Cavuto noted that the new NFL policy has a lot of "wiggle room," as it appears players could protest in ways other than kneeling.

"It could be the raising of the fist like the 1968 Olympics, it could be turning your back, it could be subliminally giving the finger to the national anthem or who knows," Jackson said.

He said Goodell and the owners should ditched their "P.C. attitude" and mandated that players stand for the anthem and respect the flag, since the NFL is a private company with the right to make whatever rules it wants, so long as they don't violate any laws.

"But now we've got a situation, quite frankly, that I think is a genie they can't put back in the bottle."

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