The NFL has finally realized what we’ve been saying all along: Don’t take your issues out on the flag and national anthem!

It’s time for Final Thoughts.

It took them a solid two years to do it but, alas, the NFL owners approved a new national anthem policy that requires all players on the field to stand. Yeah, they can still pout in the locker room till their heart’s content. But at least we proud Americans don’t have to watch them disrespect our country on the field anymore!

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Now I know that the kneelers and their defenders say, “it’s free speech!” Well, not so fast. The field is a place of work for football players, a place of work where they make millions of dollars, yet somehow feel oppressed. The NFL, as an employer, has every right to require players in uniform to respect the flag and national anthem. Football is a job. Yeah, they can still kneel, protest, pout and peaceably assemble on their own time -- but NOT at work.

Do you get to protest at your place of work? Probably not. Private companies get to dictate how their employees behave at work. That’s just the way it is.

Looks like we, the sports-loving, patriotic, TV-viewing public, used our platforms and our remotes to make a difference too! Maybe the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell had a patriotic change of heart. Or maybe they just want to save their ratings and bank accounts. Either way, we finally have our football back!

Sports are a great American pastime, which used to bring us together. The flag and national anthem used to do the same thing. It’s not about politics. It’s not about the president, the political parties, black versus white or left versus right. It’s about coming together as Americans with all our scars, our blessings, our families and our love of country.

That sentiment was hijacked when certain players decided to make it political.

If some players decide they still want to disrespect the United States of America, it’ll hit them in the pocketbook like it hit our hearts when they started this nonsense. That flag and that anthem might be just a piece of cloth and a song to some but, to others, it’s the symbol of freedom and sacrifice. It’s the sacred banner draped over our men and women when they pay the ultimate price for our freedom.

I love the First Amendment and I encourage these players to use their platforms to influence change, raise awareness or whatever it is they are trying to do. I’m just happy these divisive and disrespectful tantrums are no longer endorsed and applauded by the NFL.

God Bless America.

Those are my final thoughts; feel free to disagree. From LA, God bless and take care.

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