A DePaul University professor is calling on President Trump to follow through on his threat to bring federal law enforcement agents into the school's home town of Chicago.

"Wannabe-commandos terrorize neighborhoods, challenging not only local authorities but the very authority you exercise as president of this great nation," Jason Hill wrote in The Hill newspaper.

"The potency of your own presidency is ridiculed when thugs and barbaric criminals take it upon themselves to establish lawless fiefdoms," he continued.

On "The Story," Hill told Martha MacCallum that Trump should use his presidential power to dispatch the National Guard, Navy or Marines to Chicago.

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He said President Ike Eisenhower did the same with the Guard to enforce integration of schools, and that President George H.W. Bush did so in Los Angeles to protect the public after the Rodney King verdict triggered riots.

Hill said there is a "systematic absence of law and order running amok in this country" and that Rahm Emanuel (D) is an "impotent mayor" in the face of the violence.

Hill wrote in The Hill that he is a Jamaican immigrant who came to America with little money or prospects but has achieved success while chasing the American Dream.

He said he is "pained" when students tell him they must drop out of his class and join one of the violent gangs on Chicago's South Side in order to avoid harassment or even death.

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