David Avella, the chairman of conservative organization GOPAC, said former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper's stated dislike of the term "spying" is like the head of the Food & Drug Administration not liking the term "broccoli."

Reacting to allegations that a federal informant or spy was placed in the Trump campaign, Clapper told the media he did not agree with the term.

Former FBI Director James Comey also took issue with the reporting, saying that the correct term would be "confidential human source," not "spy."

Avella said on "Hannity" that the disagreements were ridiculous.

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Clapper's "aversion to 'spying' is like the FDA having an aversion to broccoli," he said.

Avella also blasted the Obama administration, under which Clapper and Comey served, and congressional Democrats.

He said that Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley (R) recently revealed that a portion of recent information the FBI wanted "redacted" turned out to be fired Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's $70,000 expenditure for a conference room table.

Avella said that incident is equally troubling.

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