During a hearing on Capitol Hill, California Rep. Nanette Barragan ripped Acting ICE Director Tom Homan for promoting what she called an "anti-immigrant agenda" set up by the White House.

"We love to paint immigrants as criminals," Barragan, a San Pedro Democrat, said. "That is not the complete facts."

Barragan told Homan that she is offended by what ICE is doing.

Homan responded that no ICE official in the room was "anti-immigrant."

"We're law enforcement officers enforcing the law that you enacted. So, to sit there and say we're anti-immigrant is wrong," he said.

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Tucker Carlson said Barragan was invited but chose not to appear on his program to discuss the exchange.

Carlson instead asked Cesar Vargas, a DACA recipient who is now an attorney in New York, about the disagreement.

"ICE is tripling arrests [on people] without a violent criminal record," he said, apparently citing ICE data from the past year. "They're going after Grandma."

Carlson said ICE is tasked with upholding the law, and that all illegal immigrants by definition broke the law in coming to America.

Vargas maintained that ICE is "not doing their job" and that "rapists" and "violent" criminals should be the ones targeted.

"What [Barragan] said is insane," Carlson said, further asking Vargas to respond to President Donald Trump's "animals" remark about MS-13.

Vargas claimed America "created" MS-13 but that no gang member who committed a crime deserves to remain free.

"Oh, it's our fault," Carlson said.

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