Tucker Carlson asked why top Democrats won’t talk about the impeachment of President Trump ahead of the midterm elections.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and others have cautioned their counterparts not to run on the issue.

Carlson said the party leadership is clearly lying, since the Democrats’ base wants Trump removed from office.

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In a new piece for The Nation, John Nichols called on Democrats to openly talk about impeachment and why it could be justified.

"Party leaders need to make clear that impeachment is always valid when there is evidence of presidential wrongdoing, cover-ups, and corruption of justice," he wrote. 

Carlson applauded the piece as "honest," even though he disagrees with the premise that Trump is "off the rails."

Nichols said Democrats are creating an "unreality" by accusing Trump of impeachable offenses, but then avoiding the constitutional remedy for those abuses.

He agreed with Carlson that Democrats are "avoiding accountability" on the issue, doubting that party leaders will pursue impeachment if they gain control of the House. 

"They're playing a political game," said Nichols.

Carlson said Democrats should make their arguments in public to voters, rather than "subvert federal agencies to do their bidding."

Watch the discussion above.

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