A woman who just graduated from Massachusetts' Mount Holyoke College said that she was booed at her graduation ceremony for her support of President Trump, the NRA and other conservative causes.

Kassy Dillon, a member of the College Republicans who runs a conservative blog, said the boos stemmed from the Trump-Pence bumper sticker she placed on her graduation cap.

"When I walked up to the stage, I was booed and I was shocked," she said. "I figured people would be staring at me but I was expecting a boo by any means."

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Dillon said on "Fox & Friends" that one of her professors apologized to her and said he couldn't believe what he'd heard from the all-female student body.

Her cap also featured a Carly Fiorina presidential campaign sticker and the National Rifle Association logo.

"I think [my peers] should accept that I think differently," she said. "They need to realize that not everyone is going to agree with them.

Dillon said the harassment started earlier in the ceremony when her peers were making "snide" remarks to her while House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi delivered the commencement address.

"Each time they mentioned something about diversity or caring for others they said, 'Well, not all of us actually do' and they would look at me," she said.

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