CRTV host Michelle Malkin said that a reported FBI informant who spied on the 2016 Trump campaign was an attempt to "delegitimize" the president.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said on "The View" Tuesday that the FBI was using a confidential informant in order to investigate any Russian infiltration to the Trump campaign.

"They were spying ... on what the Russians were doing. ... Trying to gain access, trying to gain leverage and influence which is what they do," he said.

He added that the president "should be" happy about the operation, since it was an attempt to protect his campaign.

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The president on Wednesday also said that the alleged spying on his campaign "could be one of the biggest political scandals" ever.

"This was not about protecting the Trump campaign, as James Clapper obnoxiously tries to argue on TV and everywhere else," Malkin said on "Fox & Friends."

"This was about upending a presidential candidate and trying to delegitimize him, which is what they've been doing ever since he took office. It is absolutely alarming."

The president previously referred to Clapper -- a national security analyst for CNN -- as a "lying machine." Clapper claims in his new book that the Russian operation in 2016 swayed the election to Trump. 

Malkin added that she believes that the average American is likely "stunned" to find that "incompetent clowns" like Clapper were running U.S. intelligence agencies.

She said that the "criminal deep state" had a goal to target Trump and bring him down.

"They will not stop until they tear this country apart," she said.

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