Rep. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) said Wednesday that she's frustrated with the partisanship she has seen when trying to mitigate the violence brought on by the murderous MS-13 gang.

The president held a forum on Long Island, New York to highlight the progress he has made on the crackdown and doubled down on calling MS-13 members "animals."

"Public safety is something that used to be bipartisan," McSally said on "Outnumbered Overtime," adding that it seems as though Democrats oppose anything Trump supports.

She said that the country's lax border laws are also attracting gang members.

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Trump also used Wednesday's roundtable to blast the country's immigration laws, which he says are the worst anywhere.

McSally said the Securing America's Future Act will work to close the "dangerous" loopholes in the legal system when it comes to illegal immigrants and those seeking asylum.

"Right now, [illegal immigrants] can get immigration benefits even if they're a gang member," McSally said. "This is insane."

She said that Democrats are "so against Trump they can't see straight" and that the divide will hurt them in the midterm elections.

"We are very specifically talking about how transnational criminal organizations are taking advantage of our lax laws, and only Congress can act to close these loopholes," she said.

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