Greg Gutfeld reacted to a Syracuse, N.Y. judge ordering a 30-year-old man to vacate his parents' house after they repeatedly asked him to move out.

Michael Rotondo of Onondaga County didn't pay rent or do chores, Gutfeld said.

A February letter from Mark Rotondo to his son read: "Michael, after a discussion with your mother, we have decided that you must leave this house immediately."

Rotondo has no apparent job but does have a child -- although he recently lost custody of the child, the New York Post reported.

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Rotondo's parents reportedly offered him more than $1,000 and help in fixing his car to get him on his feet once leaving.

However, it took Judge Donald Greenwood's order to make the parents' wishes a reality.

Gutfeld said Rotondo is an example of someone "thinking everything should be free."

"It qualifies [Rotondo] to be a Vermont senator," he joked, in an apparent reference to self-described democratic socialist Bernie Sanders.

"On the bright side, he could always move into a Starbucks," Gutfeld said.

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