Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio said finding a solution with North Korea would benefit China -- moreso than Beijing might suggest.

Rubio made the remarks after President Trump said he may cut Chinese telecom giant ZTE some "slack" after American actions crippled the outfit.

Rubio said ZTE "got caught violating the Iran deal" but never paid its fine and in return, American semiconductor manufacturers cut ties with ZTE, driving them into insolvency.

In apparent conversations with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Trump may be planning to offer ZTE some assistance in exchange for actions on general trade policy and the North Korean problem.

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"We have a huge trade problem with China, [but it's] structural... Their companies can do whatever they want here," Rubio said.

The senator also said China should be much more interested in ending North Korea's nuclear threats than making America goad Beijing into helping.

"North Korea is in China's interest," he said. "They're closer to that crazy guy (Kim Jong Un) than we are."

Rubio said that if the regime in Pyongyang collapses or if some other major event occurs, North Koreans might try escaping north into China.

Russia also shares a very small border with the Hermit Kingdom.

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