Former CIA officer Daniel Hoffman said John Brennan is "doing Vladimir Putin's bidding" by speculating that the Russians have compromising information on President Trump.

During an MSNBC interview in March, Brennan, the CIA director under former President Obama, said Trump has a "fawning attitude toward" the Russian president and that may be because the Russians "have something on him."

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After Trump called on the Justice Department to look into if the FBI infiltrated or surveilled his presidential campaign for political purposes, Brennan tweeted that Trump was on a "disastrous path" and doing a great disservice to the nation.

Trump fired back, quoting former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino on “Fox & Friends,” as Bongino accused Brennan of sparking the entire Russia probe and taking part in a politically motivated investigation.

On "Hannity," Hoffman said Brennan comes across as a "partisan politician" with his unfounded speculation that Trump could be compromised by the Russians.

"John Brennan is doing Vladimir Putin's bidding," Hoffman said. "For someone who has criticized the Trump administration for the way they've handled Russia ... John Brennan is doing what Vladimir Putin wants by speculating about the president being subjected to blackmail, even though it's not true."

He noted that Brennan walked back his blackmail speculation several days later, but "the damage is done."

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