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A 99-year-old World War II veteran is on a mission to travel to all 50 states and meet all 50 governors before he visits President Trump at the White House on his 100th birthday.

Sidney Walton kicked off his "No Regrets Tour" in March at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans.

So far he's visited and met with the governors of Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York.

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While Walton was in New York City -- where he was born and raised -- he visited Central Park to give people who have never met a WWII veteran the chance the do so.

It had special meaning for him because he had passed on a chance to meet Civil War veterans at an event in Central Park in 1941, just before he enlisted in the Army.

"I still regret that, a terrible regret," Walton said said on "Fox & Friends First" Tuesday morning.

His son and caretaker, Paul Walton, said that's why they're calling it the "No Regrets Tour," and why they want to give people across the country the opportunity to meet an actual WWII veteran.

He revealed an upcoming destination: the Indianapolis 500 and a meeting with Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb on Memorial Day!

Walton said his 100th birthday is on February 11, and he's looking forward to celebrating it by meeting with President Trump in the nation's capital.

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