In an exclusive interview on "The Story," Vice President Mike Pence said President Donald Trump is willing to "walk away" from the table if his planned summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un fails.

Martha MacCallum referenced reports that Trump could be embarrassed by Kim if North Korea cancels the summit or if the meeting does not go well.

"I don't think President Trump is thinking about public relations," Pence said. "He's thinking about peace."

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Pence said the Clinton and Bush administrations "got played" by Pyongyang in trying to get them to denuclearize and come to agreed terms with the United States.

"It would be a great mistake for Kim Jong Un to think he could play Donald Trump," Pence said.

Pence said there's "no question" Trump is willing to leave the table or move on if things do not go as planned.

Watch more from Martha's exclusive interview above.

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