Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to "step up" and renounce his recusal in the Russia investigation.

"He has said he's totally unwilling to do that," Gaetz said on "Outnumbered Overtime" on Monday. "It's like over at the Department of Justice he's got Stockholm syndrome. He's become sympathetic with his captors over there in the deep state."

Sessions recused himself from the FBI's Russia probe in March 2017 after acknowledging that he had had previously undisclosed encounters with the Russian ambassador during Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. Sessions said it would be improper for him to oversee a probe into a campaign for which he was a vocal and prominent supporter.

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Gaetz argued there is no legal or factual basis for the recusal, which led to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein overseeing the investigation.

Gaetz said that means that Rosenstein has the power to stonewall or slow-walk Congress' requests to produce documents, such as those related to an FBI "informant" who had multiple contacts with members of the Trump campaign.

"Rosenstein now has the ability to send this latest allegation off to 'Investigationland' and then use that as a basis to not produce documents to Congress because he can say it's the subject of an ongoing investigation," Gaetz explained.

He said it's time for Sessions to take control of the investigation and for Trump to declassify the documents related to the Russia probe, which he argued will "expose the deep state."

Gaetz said each time Congress asks for documents, they get back documents with too many redactions, likening it to "Groundhog Day."

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