Jonathan Turley said President Donald Trump has largely been vindicated for his allegations that the FBI used a counterintelligence operation to target his presidential campaign.

The Justice Department on Sunday asked its watchdog to look into any "impropriety or political motivation" in the FBI's investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

The move came hours after President Trump ordered a review looking into whether federal agents infiltrated or surveilled his campaign for political purposes.

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Turley, a George Washington University law professor, said it's "undeniable" that Trump's allegations of surveillance targeting his campaign have been validated to a large extent.

Turley added that he's "mystified" why the mainstream media isn't expressing more concern.

"We've always been very critical of other countries where governments put their opponents under investigation. And there's a legitimate reason here for us to be concerned," Turley said. "And I think the president has raised that."

He noted that Trump was "openly mocked" when he alleged that the Obama administration placed his campaign under surveillance.

"I think that the media has to recognize that this is a serious allegation," Turley said. "All Americans, regardless of their party, should want to investigate this."

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