National security expert Harry Kazianis said Monday that he believes the upcoming summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un will not happen on its current track. 

He said that the meeting Trump is scheduled to have with South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Tuesday will be to "save the summit."

"I think it's dead. I think right now, it's dead," he said. "Both sides are just too far apart."

Kazianis said North Korea wants "everything handed to them" and that they have future aspirations of denuclearizing if they're given what they want in terms of a peace treaty and lifted economic sanctions.

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"I know everybody wants to make history, but you don't want to do it under these circumstances," he said.

Moon's meeting with Trump is expected to focus primarily on the summit with North Korea. Kazianis said that although North Korea initially said it wanted to denuclearize, it is now introducing "ambiguous terms"

He added that he believes Kim Jong Un is trying to "stall" for time.

"The Trump administration has to be very careful here because they need to have a deal where Kim gives up those nukes," Kazianis said.

The meeting, scheduled for June 12 in Singapore, was left in doubt last week when Pyongyang said it would not entertain a "a one-sided demand" from Trump for the country to give up its nuclear weapons.

The announcement came hours after North Korea canceled high-level talks with South Korea over Seoul's joint military exercises with the U.S.

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