The panel on Saturday's Greg Gutfeld Show discussed what has been dubbed "The Indoor Generation."

A survey of 16,000 people across four countries found that while those surveyed believe that Americans spend 18 percent of their time inside, that number is actually 90 percent.

Gutfeld said that humans have evolved and can avoid Mother Nature's perils by staying indoors.

"We have been victorious over our surroundings," he said. "That's why we stay inside. Who needs the outside?"

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Dr. Drew Pinsky added that today's digital society has contributed to people toying with electronic devices inside all day.

"We're now living our lives out in the virtual world rather than out in the [real] world," Pinsky said.

Gutfeld argued that by staying inside, humans are spurring evolution to create better technologies.

"This is what we get. This is our reward," he said.

Watch the full segment above.

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