A retired NYPD detective said Saturday that more aggressive background checks are not the solution to gun control in the wake of Friday's deadly shooting in Santa Fe, Texas.

Pat Brosnan dismissed the suggestion of faster background checks on potential gun owners on "Cavuto Live."

"I think it's empty rhetoric. It's false narrative. It's posturing," Brosnan said.

"The fact is that more background checks, more aggressive vetting with gun control is not the answer. It never has been."

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Dimitrios Pagourtzis allegedly killed at least ten people and wounded another ten at Santa Fe High School on Friday.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott labeled the shooting “the worst disaster to ever strike this community.”

"Unless you can devise a weapon or an instrument that can make [firearms] inoperable, they're out there," Brosnan said Saturday.

Abbott said that Pagourtzis obtained the two guns used in the murders from his father, who legally owned them.

"No surprises. The fact is that he had access to these weapons that his father had," Brosnan added. "They evidently weren't properly safeguarded."

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