On the heels of her trip to Israel for the historic opening of the Jerusalem embassy, Judge Jeanine Pirro will present a must-see interview with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Tune in Saturday at 9:00pm ET on "Justice" to hear the prime minister's thoughts on President Trump moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, formally recognizing the city as the Israeli capital. 

Netanyahu said Trump's decision to will be remembered alongside President Harry Truman's recognition of Israel and Cyrus' declaration 2,500 years ago telling the exiles of Babylon they could rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.

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"When you go to Israel, every sign on every street corner was 'Trump: Make Israel Great' and 'God Bless Donald Trump.' It was all Trump and the saddest part is that we don't do that here," Pirro explained on "Fox & Friends."

The judge also teased a portion of the interview in which Netanyahu "showed an extremely different side" that viewers don't often see.

"And of course, we're going after James Comey," she noted.

Watch the preview above. 

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