Sen. Ted Cruz reacted to the school shooting that occurred Friday in the village of Santa Fe, saying "once again, Texas has seen the face of evil."

High school junior Dimitrios Pagourtzis is suspected of murdering ten people and wounded ten others at the school, near Texas City.

Cruz said that people across the Lone Star State, the country and the world are praying for the victims and the families of those affected.

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"There have been too damn many of these," he said, pointing to a "deranged bomber" in Austin earlier this year, as well as a church shooting in the San Antonio suburb of Sutherland Springs last year.

Cruz said the government must act to keep criminals from gaining access to firearms.

Initial reports said Pagourtzis' father legally owned the weapons used in the shooting.

"We will make it through this," Cruz said, noting that after the criminal investigation concludes, Texans will hear of the stories of bravery that "manifested in the face of evil."

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